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Recorded live on 3/18/2018 in Clinton, NJ. Guided meditation led by Brigitte Boyea and live music played by Mike Snyder.

Celebrate the Spring Equinox
with St. Germain

The Spring Equinox is such a mystical time on our path of
enlightenment. Not only does it symbolize further ascension out of the
darkness into the light, but it is also a time where darkness and light
come together in a sacred agreement to be in absolute peace with
each other, even if it is only for one moment. No pull, no struggle,
only total surrender to the sacredness of the unification into oneness
within the eternal essence of all that is exists for one brief instant.
When day and night reaches this point of equilibrium, it also signifies
an opportunity for us to delve deep inside of ourselves to do the same
with the duality residing within and around us. We are part of this
earth, this solar system and this galaxy. Therefore events like the
Equinox are more than just external in nature. They touch us at the
core of our existence.

Therefore come and celebrate a time of new beginnings and the
promise of tremendous spiritual growth together with St. Germain this
evening, as he will come through Brigitte Boyea as his channel.

As a Master of Transformation and one of the most influential
Ascended Masters assisting humanity at this time, he will guide you to
experience ascension out of the darkness to the sacred moment of
total unity between the light and darkness within, only to then step
further into the light. He will lead you to a place of greater balance
and peace and awaken within you the seed for much divine potential
to come into manifestation.
Mike Snyder, a powerful channel of the Divine, will accompany St.
Germain throughout the evening with music that he will be playing on
his piano. This will increase the effects of healing and empowerment
during this event.

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