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Recorded live on 4-14-2018 in Clinton, NJ. Meditation led by Brigitte Boyea and live music played by Mike Snyder.

Join us for an Evening of Healing and Support with St. Germain
Master of Transformation and Mercy

We chose to come to Earth to assist Gaia in her ascension process. As
much as we are willing to do this by walking a path out of the darkness
into the light over and over again for others to follow, this process can
become rather exhausting at times bringing on a sense of loneliness
and deep seated sadness.
When we get into such a fragile state, it is necessary to take time
aside to receive healing and support from the Hierarchy of Light.
Therefore join us this evening to allow the loving guidance and
support from St. Germain to assist you in releasing some of this
heaviness that makes you loose all hope for a better tomorrow.
He will use Brigitte Boyea as his channel to take you on a journey to
the etheric temple of the violet flame where you will receive an
energy attunement to support your work here on earth.
Mike Snyder will also add his powerful gifts as an instrument of the
Hierarchy of Light to this evening. He will intensify the experience as
he channels the higher frequencies of love and light from the celestial
realm to us by playing his piano during the event. His music touches
you at the core of your being allowing you to be more receptive to the
healing and purification that will take place.

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