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Recorded Live in Clinton, NJ. Meditation by Brigitte Boyea and live music played by Mike Snyder.

Celebration of the Wesak Festival

Please join us for the celebration of the Wesak Festival. 2018 has
already been filled with many shifts and opportunities for
consciousness expansion. So get ready for a very powerful and
dynamic transformation you will experience this day touching you
deep within the core of your heart. After all, 2018 is a year that
focuses on a new level of mastership of Self.
The Wesak festival celebrates a time of spiritual renewal. Buddha
descends once a year into the Wesak valley on Earth as an
intermediary between the Hierarchy of Light and humanity. He then
releases a wave of new energies of love and light to all present in the
Wesak valley to assist in the empowerment and enlightenment process
of humanity.
This is considered one of the holiest ceremonies celebrated each
year at the time of the first full moon in Taurus and many light
workers around the world meet for this event. The global intent is to
expand one's own consciousness as well as the consciousness on Earth
in general.
St. Germain channeled by Brigitte Boyea will take you to the Wesak
Valley in the Himalayas to be among Angels, Ascended Masters and
many other Initiates of the Light for this celebration. During this
ceremony new commitments of service to humanity will be sealed
within every participant. A unique spiritual alignment is then created
assisting you to live and express your Divine purpose more fully in
your day to day life and to become even further a living vessel of the
healing powers of divine love and truth.
Mike Snyder will also add his powerful gift as a channel and instrument
of the Hierarchy of Light to this evening.
He will intensify the experience as he channels the higher frequencies
of love and light from the celestial realm to us by playing his piano
during the event. His music touches you at the core of your being
allowing you to be more receptive to the powerful energies given out
by Buddha in the Wesak Valley.