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Recorded live on 1-11-2019 in Clinton, NJ. Guided Meditation given by Brigitte Boyea along with live music played by Mike Snyder.

Council Meeting with the Karmic Board
of the Hierarchy of Light

At the beginning of each new year the Hierarchy of Light gives
mankind the opportunity to step in front of the Karmic Board to
voice its intentions and commitments for the year. Focus here is
on service whether it is service to your fellow humans, service to
earth and the mineral kingdom, service to the animal and plant
kingdom or service to the Light in general.
The Karmic Board will then seal your commitment into your auric
field and it will be written into your Akashic Records. This in turn
will unleash tremendous transformational forces bringing about
changes necessary for you to optimize your gifts as a light worker
in service. Specific dispensations will also be given to further aid
and support you on your chosen path of world service.
Saint Germain as a representative of the Hierarchy of Light will
guide you on this inner journey to the Karmic Board and will speak
to you through Brigitte as his channel.
Mike Snyder will also add his powerful gifts as a channel of the
Hierarchy of Light to this evening. He will intensify the experience
as he brings forth the higher frequencies of love and light from the
celestial realm to us by playing his piano during the event. His
music touches you at the core of your being allowing you to be
more receptive to the support and dispensation given to you by
the Karmic Board.