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Recorded live in Clinton, NJ. Meditation by Brigitte and music by Mike.

Celebrate the Festival of the Christ
with Lord Maitreya

On the next three consecutive full moons three of the most holy days are celebrated with great reverence by the Hierarchy of Light and those who choose to join them. These days are the Festival of the Christ on April 19th, the Wesak Festival on May 18th and the Day of Humanity also known as the World Invocation Day on June 17th.

Therefore please join us at the first of the three full moons on April 19th to celebrate the festival of the living and risen Christ within and around us.

The life as well as the resurrection of Jesus after his physical death plays a significant roll in understanding the power of the Christ consciousness, the power of love as well as the power of transformation in each of our lives.

Galactic avatar Lord Maitreya who overlighted and shared Jesus’ body in the last three years of his life will be present to unleash forces of restoration during this event bringing great healing to all those who participate.

Love transforms all. Love is limitless. Love is at the core of our essence. Let the Masters of the Christ love touch and uplift you. As they assist you in awakening the Christ within you even further, you in turn will be able to do the same to those you come in contact with as you go out into the world.

Brigitte Boyea will be used as a channel and instrument by the Hierarchy of Light for this event.

Mike Snyder will also add his beautiful divine gifts to this evening. He will intensify the experience as he channels the higher frequencies of love and light from the celestial realm to us by playing his piano during the event. His music touches you at the core of your being allowing you to be more receptive to the power of the Christ Love.