About Mike Snyder  Intuitive Musical Healer, Clairvoyant & Usui Reiki Master


My name is Mike Snyder, I am an intuitive healer and a lifelong student of Metaphysics.  From an early age I always had a fascination with using sound to provide relaxation to the body.   After many years of practicing and experimenting with different sound healing techniques for my own healing purposes, I was given the opportunity to start offering my healing music for others privately and publicly.  For the past 15 years I've been very blessed to offer my meditation & healing music for many different spiritual events, group meditations, and individual healing sessions throughout the NJ, PA, and NY areas.   In addition to having a long career in the IT/computer field, over the years I have also enjoyed studying many different spiritual and holistic subjects such as meditation, yoga, past life regression, sacred geometry, astral travel, dream interpretation, reiki, crystal energy healing, and Kabbalah (Tree of Life).

Mike produces soothing tones and melodies to provide a relaxing atmosphere of sound and vibration for his individual clients and group meditations. Mike is able to channel music intuitively when working on an individual or playing for a group. He produces the "sound of the moment" so to speak as he will play music that directly reflects what is happening energetically in the current point in time. Most of his individual and group sessions start out with regular random piano notes played rapidly until the individual or group starts to get into a deeper state of relaxation, and consciousness. Mike then gradually moves into slower and more intense melodies using different pleasing sounds and instruments on his keyboard. The music can help to slow down thought processes and clear the mind. It also helps guide everyone into their higher state of consciousness where some very powerful healing can occur. While listening to Mike's music during a meditation, many people have reported experiences of going on their own "inner journey" where they would see different kinds of images, develop new thoughts and ideas, and even conduct mind conversations with their own spirit guides. The main purpose of Mike's work is to help others to unwind, relax and encourage self healing through the sound of music and peacefulness of meditation.