Journeys Through Sound
Personalized Music for Healing and Meditation

By: Mike Snyder 

Kick back, relax & recharge with the beautiful sound of
your own personal meditation music!

Through the use of his electric keyboard, Mike is able to produce very soothing tones and musical melodies in accordance with the energy fields of the person he's working on. The main purpose is to help you relax, raise your vibrations and bring yourself into a clearer state of mind.  You may also experience yourself going on an inner journey to bring out different images, messages and thoughts to be brought to your attention. Everyone's music is different! Mike will record your live session while you are on the healing table and then burn it onto a CD for you to take home.


Here are just some of the benefits that you can get from working with your own personal session CD:

- enhanced focus & mind clarity
- release of stress, worry & anxiety
- reversal of negative thoughts into positive thinking
- access to a deeper state of peace & relaxation
- greater physical & emotional healing
- deeper connection to inner self and spirit
- enhances meditation, yoga, & spiritual practice

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Private Sound Healing Session
  • Private Sound Healing Session
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The entire appointment lasts little under an hour. I spend a few minutes in the beginning to acquaint with your energies & share a personal message or vision. Then the music portion will last about 30 minutes.  I will have you lay back and relax on the massage table & put on a special pair of noise-canceling headphones to listen to the music through while I play the keyboard.  After that we have an opportunity for discussion & some time for me to convert the music recording to a burned CD for you to take home.

The cost for the session is $65 which includes the recording on CD.

Currently my private sessions are held at the LightBridge Center for Transformation in Clinton, NJ.

Arrangements can also be made to hold a session at St. John's Church of Faith in Allentown, PA.

Remote Long Distance Sessions can also be setup and done through the internet and/or over the phone.
Please feel free to contact me for more info!

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