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Recorded live in Clinton, NJ. Guided meditation by Brigitte and music by Mike.


The Summer Solstice is a time where the power and influence of the Light is felt the strongest. Due to the many shifts that have occurred already in 2019 and will continue to take place through out this year and beyond, St. Germain, Master of Transformation and Freedom, will assist all present to adjust more easily to the dance of opposing forces experienced everywhere, whether it is between the light and darkness, love and fear, abundance and loss, male and female relationships.

St. Germain, channeled by Brigitte Boyea, will once again take you into the inner realm to receive an attunement to become an even more conscious light bearer of a very focused fequency of love. As in previous years, this vibrational frequency needs to be carried all the way to the Winter Solstice at which point it will be merged with its opposing counter part. This will assure a balance necessary for the continued peaceful and harmonious transition to a new consciousnes here on Earth.

Know that you have worked really hard the first 6 months of this year to make room for this infusion of a greater light to enter your whole beingness. Allow yourself now to receive this light at the Summer Solstice as it will further move you into alignment with your Divine I Am Presence assisting in the sacred union between your human and divine Self.

Mike Snyder, a powerful channel of the celestial realm, will accompany St. Germain throughout the evening with music that he will be playing on his piano. This will increase the effects of the attunement and empowerment during this event.