Recorded on 11-11-2023 in Clinton, NJ. Guided Meditation by Brigitte Boyea along with live music played by Mike Snyder.

Enter the Gateway of Consciousness Expansion with St. Germain on 11/11/2023

What can be said about the significance of 11/11? In many ways it is a galactic vibrational frequency that prepares and supports us to merge all inner and outer opposing forces into a place of balance through the power of love as we re-examine all parts of ourselves. 1 facing 1. You facing yourself. By doing so a path opens up for us leading to the 11/11 gateway of consciousness expansion. All we have to do is choose love instead of fear and step across the threshold to a new experience of Self.

During the event, St. Germain was and will be channeled by Brigitte. Mike Snyder will intensify the experience as he channels the higher frequencies of love and light from the celestial realm to us by playing his piano during the events. His music touches you at the core of your being allowing you to be more receptive to the energy attunements offered.