Recorded on 12/21/2023 in Clinton, NJ. Meditation by Brigitte Boyea along with live music played by Mike Snyder.


Throughout our life we experience many new beginnings. Being born into this world, leaving the home we grew up in, starting a new relationship or just waking up in the morning are perfect examples of such beginnings. But there are specific days that have a much greater affect on humanity and all of creation. These days are uniquely aligned with the sun and the stars and have been celebrated by humanity for thousands of years. The Winter Solstice is one of those days.

At the Winter Solstice during the longest night of the year humanity instinctively knows the importance of celebrating the light within. It is as if the silence of the darker days provide an environment that awakens a deep inner knowing of the divine flame in our hearts. It is a flame that can never be extinguished. It is a flame that will eventually lead us to a place of peace, love and sacred union between our human and divine Self.

Join St. Germain and the Hierarchy of Light for this event. They will be channeled by me, Brigitte, and accompanied by Mike Snyder and his celestial music. You will be guided on a special inner journey to strengthen the flame of your divine essence within you in preparation for the new year to come. Solstice blessings will be offered as well as a unique energy activation to allow more light to be anchored by you on Earth as a channel and instrument of the Ascended Masters, Angels and divine beings of Love and Light.